The Troag Lamp by Luca Nichetto for Foscarini (VIDEO)

July 8, 2010

Italian designer Luca Nichetto has created the new Troag lamp for Foscarini.

You can watch a video where Luca Nichetto talks about the process of making the lamps – here.


Description from Foscarini:

A light, linear, suspended design that transmits a sense of natural familiarity in both domestic and professional spaces: this is the new Troag by Foscarini. It is inspired by a Swedish tröag, a canoe-shaped wooden bowl used for crushing fruit – an object that is much more than a household utensil, because it is handed down from generation to generation.  This brand new suspension light is made of multilayered, heat-curved wood whose edges are specially milled to create an inclined, dynamic profile, emphasised by the grain of the wood.

Troag is not only Scandinavian in its conceptual inspiration, but also in its clean design, the choice of its wood, the attention devoted to energy saving and product life-cycle. But Troag is entirely Italian in its original re-contextualisation of forms and its attention to detail. The exceptional development in length of the suspension improves the production of light, concentrating the flow downwards to light tables or surfaces in a uniform manner. An opaline screen under the fluorescent tube hides the technical parts from view and allows the light to be used at different heights.

Ideal for lighting a sequence of surfaces, kitchen islands and technical tables, Troag is the emblem of the modern combination of home and professional space in the same environment.  Available in three finishes – natural wood, brown and black lacquer – and three different sizes – small, medium and large (up to over 2 m in length) – Troag launches an original signal of style and warmth in any environment, from the home to the contract sector.

Visit the Foscarini website – here.

Visit Luca Nichetto’s website – here.

Watch the video where Luca Nichetto talks about the process of making the lamps – here.