The Troll Chair by Lund & Paarmann

October 12, 2009

Danish designers Oluf Lund and Eva Paarmann have created the Troll Chair.

From the designers:

While designing the Troll Chair we were aiming at creating a chair that would attract both children and grown-ups; it should be a chair that could ooze comfort, warmth and safety.

The functions we focused on were:

* Room enough for curling up with a good book.
* Comfortable seat when having a child on your lap
* Comfortable seat while talking and socializing with others

The appearance is inspired by Dumbledore, trolls and cold winter days. The materials are Icelandic sheepskin, full grain saddle leather, and oak.

Lund & Paarmann are manufacturing the chair through their production company – Lopfurniture.