The Tunnels Series by Noga Berman

September 16, 2010

Israeli designer Noga Berman has created the Tunnels series of furniture.

From the designer:

A series of furniture that explore private places inside of houshold furniture. Just as a cat seeks out hiding places or small spaces to slip into, I wanted to create furniture that can encompass all or parts of the human body. I searched for hiding places within the house, observing children playing “hide and seek” and looking at illustrations in children’s books. I examined dark and private places that can contain the human body (for example: under the bed, behind a curtain, under a hat). I created a human-scale object that can be used for lying down, sitting and storage. The technique of wrapping elastic bands creates tunnels, a perspective space, and peek holes. Thus, the user can choose his personal way of using the furniture. The technology used for making the objects is that of bending metal tubes and wood etching. Elastic bands are wrapped around these and closed with vel-cro.


You can watch a short video about the collection – here.

Visit Noga Berman’s website – here.