The Urban Logs Collection by Ilan Dei Studio

March 15, 2010

Los Angeles based Ilan Dei Studio have created the Urban Logs collection.


Description from the designer:

Focusing on “urban renewal” each piece gives new life to urban and suburban trees that have been previously removed and are destined to become waste or firewood. Naturally every log has a different shape, texture, and story adding uniqueness and a history to each piece. This natural individuality is contrasted by the simple, yet industrial elements of safety orange tube, orange upholstery and smoky copper tinted mirrors.

Inspiration for the concept came from continuously seeing beautiful pieces of unused logs lying around the neighborhoods surrounding the studio here in Venice, CA. The first run of furniture used redwood for the tables and chairs, and White Oak for the lights, however, there is such a variety of species available around the Los Angeles area that future generations will constantly be changing species.

Photography by Peter Turba

Visit the website of Ilan Dei Studio – here.