The Wall House by Adams Mohler Ghillino

November 9, 2009

Adams Mohler Ghillino have completed the Wall House in Seattle, Washington.

Full description after the photos….

The Wall House by Adams Mohler Ghillino

The existing 810 SF, single-story house in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood no longer met the needs of the owners’ growing family.  In the interest of expanding this home responsibly, a new second story has been added above a largely remodeled main living level all of which is constructed upon the existing foundation.  Demolition was accomplished by a hand deconstruction so that the majority of materials removed could be repurposed.

A cedar-clad wood wall defines two distinct areas of the home with habitable rooms on one side and services on the other.  This strategy allows the primary living space to be a singular open volume.  The distinction between interior and exterior spaces is blurred by the use of slide-fold doors that fully open both ends of this living space to the outdoors.  In the rear yard, a new detached accessory structure serves as a garage and future studio.

Taking advantage of good south facing exposure on this site, the new home will utilize both photovoltaic solar panels for electrical generation and a solar hot water heating system to supplement a gas fired radiant heat system.

Major materials include painted cement fiber siding, tight knot cedar plank feature wall, plywood soffits, aluminum windows and Zincalume sheet metal roofing.