The Warp Table Series by Kieser Spath

January 19, 2010

German designers Marcel Kieser and Christof Spath have created the Warp Table series.

From the designers:

A stay at the table WARP will become an extraordinary happening. Everything on and around the table is reflected in a convex mirror underneath the glass top. The interaction between the object, light and shadow opens new perspectives and changes acting at the table. The topic of deformed awareness is supported by a simple design. The used materials are ash, steel, glass and mirrorglass.

The Warp Tables will be exhibited at the 2010 IMM Cologne furnishing show.

The table is inspired by convex security mirrors like in supermarkets. For transport it is possible to segment the table in 11 parts to pack it in a flat box. The small table is 45cm high and has a 90cm diameter. The tall one is 75cm high and has a 110cm diameter. They are called WARP 9 and WARP 11 like the speed in the Star Trek movies. The warp speed is possible by warping the space.

The designers – Marcel Kieser and Christof Spath: