The Weinerchaise by Andy Martin Associates

September 24, 2009

At this year’s 100% Design show in London, Andy Martin Associates will be exhibiting the ‘Weinerchaise’ as part of the ‘100% Inspiration’ feature. This is Andy Martin’s response to the brick as an inspirational object, “it is such an iconic British building material and I thought it worth pursuing for inspiration. Individually a brick seems characterless but with others has the possibility to be poetic,” says Martin. It is constructed entirely of extruded and wire cut bricks using the thin set joint method and resin bonding. The bricks are stacked and bonded accurately in a mould, and once set, carved by hand to the designed shape. The piece was produced with the help of Weinerberger bricks, one of the world’s largest and most innovative brick manufacturers.

Some photos of the chaise being made: