The Woven Series by Timothy John

May 25, 2011

New Zealand designer Timothy John has created the Woven series from steel wire and industrial felt.


Description from the designer:

Woven Series: The Genius, The Mastermind, The Deviant

The Woven series is comprised of experimentation around hand weaving and wrapping techniques. The concept was initially inspired by a previously designed steel wire ball pendant light shade. The wire, when handled, naturally fell into a ball-like structure, which then later became the technique used to create the framework for the Genius and Mastermind chairs.

An interest in creating texture through weaving is also a key component in the series. Industrial synthetic felt, intended for lining nautical vessels is cut and sewn into strips then woven around the steel framework to form a unique covering.

Creating the Genius first inspired the making of a second piece in which the steel wire frame is semi-exposed. The Mastermind is essentially the Genius, partially deconstructed, showcasing just how beautiful the body under all its layers can be. The Deviant clock exhibits these very same materials and techniques, applied to a large Grandfather clock form, putting a twist on tradition.

The series provokes thought and emotion. Viewers cannot help but reach out to touch and interact with each piece.

Visit Timothy John’s website – here.