Thee Apple by Thomas Stanley

August 5, 2010

British designer Thomas Stanley has created a modern bird feeder called “Thee Apple”


Description from the designer:

Bird tables are commonly cheap timber objects that are undesirable and prone to decay, so as a result are usually discarded. Bird baths on the other hand are generally beautifully crafted objects or sculptures which become focal points in their surroundings.

Thomas Stanley is the designer behind ‘Thee Apple’ a unique product with innovation at its core, its overall form inspired by apples and the insects which feast on and within them.

He set out to change people’s perceptions and make this unappreciated often undesirable object into a thing of beauty much like the birds that use them. He developed a number of key features for ‘Thee Apple’ to help solve some key flaws, such as the large funnel capacity allowing a vast amount of food to be stored in a dry environment, and features to avert unwanted attention from predators and vermin.

Visit Thomas Stanley’s website – here.