Thread Light by Coco Reynolds

July 11, 2011

Australian designer Coco Reynolds has created the Thread light.


Description from the designer:

The ‘Thread’ light features a ready-made threaded post that can be mixed and matched with any number of shades. The thread of the post allows height and direction of the light to be adjusted with unambiguous function. It is simple in construction and can be quickly and easily assembled on site by the end user and adapted to work in any space. An additional threaded sleeve cast into the concrete base caters for two lengths of threaded rod that can be screwed in to suit.

‘Thread’ can be manufactured very economically using minimal materials quickly and efficiently. In addition to this, the light shade is made of recycled spun aluminium and the concrete base is made up of a concrete composite called Lithistone which is made up of a combination of ground minerals, recyclable and organic mineral pigments.

Visit Coco Reynolds’ website – here.