THX 1138 Floor Lamp from spHaus

November 25, 2008

Italian manufacturer spHaus have provided us with photos of their new floor lamp THX 1138.

spHaus says:

THX 1138 is a freestanding lamp made of aluminium and painted steel. A large disc resting on a thin stem holds the light source: the light, generated by a combination of energy-saving LEDs, is diffused toward the ceiling for a sober, even effect. THX 1138 is available in two versions: one, a high impact design with one meter diameter disc, is an ambient installation. The other, of smaller, more commercially viable size, is a lot like a traditional stem lamp. Available in black or white.

THX 1138 was designed by spHaus founder Filippo Dell’Orto.

Visit the spHaus website – here.