Tobiano Golf Clubhouse by a|k|a Architecture

February 28, 2009

a|k|a Architecture have sent us photos of the clubhouse they designed for the Tobiano golf course near Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

From the architects:

Tobiano is a new world-class luxury golf destination located just outside Kamloops, BC. The developer envisioned an exhilarating, spectacular golfing experience and sought architecture that would support this grand vision.  As one of the first public buildings to be constructed at the golf course, the 11,000 sq.ft. clubhouse was especially significant in establishing the architectural language, ambitions and identity of the entire resort.

The clubhouse is situated at the heart of the expansive golf course with breathtaking panoramic views of Kamloops Lake and surrounding mountains.  A heavy masonry wall integrates with the landscape, emerging from the earth itself while creating a counterpoint to the timber frame elements of the structure.  The butterfly roof design lifts dynamically upwards and outwards towards the vast scenic landscapes.  Large window openings provide clear views merging the transition at the threshold between interior and exterior.