Topline Office Interior by HEAD Architecture and Design

Hong Kong based HEAD Architecture and Design have sent us photos of the office interior they designed for Topline, a footwear manufacturer in Dongguan, China.


Topline’s existing factory and office in Dongguan Рa rather drab Chinese industrial building with attached dormitory Рwere given an overhaul to give them a more modern branded feel. This was intended to last for the 18 month period while their new premises were under design and construction. A totally remodeled entrance and waiting area were created. Corporate colours and large promotional images were used to add colour and clarity to spaces. Departments were rationalized and a new boardroom with greatly increased seating capacity added. The refectory Рthe social centre for the staff Рwas given vivid graphics and lighting, along with the provision of table football and other games for recreational use.

Visit the website of HEAD Architecture and Design – here.


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