Toronto Residence by Belzberg Architects

April 12, 2013

Belzberg Architects have designed the Toronto Residence that recently won a 2013 Ontario Association of Architects Design Excellence award.


Description from the architect:

Designed for a large double lot in a premier neighbourhood in north Toronto, the project’s ambition is split between providing a space that can take advantage of the site’s abundant natural features and also serve as a hub for a growing international family. Large portions of glazing along with clean lines and simple volumetric proportions underscore the client’s interest in creating a space with an effortless flow between interior and exterior; in a climate that is not always conducive to this type of habitation. The interior layout of the house has been carefully crafted to provide an informal and inviting space with an understated sophistication. The architecture and landscape design at the front of the building have been choreographed to allow for an abundance of natural light and a feeling of airiness without sacrificing privacy. A simple, yet enduring material palette blends plaster and zinc cladding with various natural woods and stones.

Architects: Belzberg Architects
Interior Designer: Meg Joannides | MLK Studio

Photography: A-Frame/Ben Rahn and Stephen Elphick