Toward Sofa by Anne Boysen for Erik Jørgensen

December 3, 2013

Danish-designer Anne Boysen has created the Toward Sofa for manufacturer Erik Jørgensen.



TOWARD is a comfortable sofa that allows the user to lounge in multiple ways. By merging the normal use of an armchair, a chaise longue and a tete-a-tete, the design emerged.

TOWARD is a base with a mattress and two back rests in different sizes. The two loose and interchangeable cushions further opens up for a versatile appearance and function.

To achieve a unique product with high aesthetics, a lot of consideration went into combining the color nuances and texture of the textiles chosen.

The sofa comes in three color combinations: light gray, dark gray and brown shades.

Design: Anne Boysen
Manufacturer: Erik Jørgensen
Photography: Kirstine Mengel