Träullit Hexagon Panels by Form Us With Love

February 17, 2011

Swedish design studio Form Us With Love have created the Träullit hexagon sound absorbing panels from wood slivers, cement and water.

You can watch a short video of the panels being installed – here.


Description from the designers:

“We were looking into manufacturers of woodwool cement board in order to install it in our new studio, It’s an interesting material; simple, good looking and environmental friendy. Besides, we needed to stop the echoing.” says Petrus Palmér, John Löfgren, Jonas Pettersson of Form Us With Love.

That’s how Form Us With Love found Träullit, the only manufacturer of woodwool cement board in Sweden. It’s a 20-man strong factory in the town of Österbymo – little more than a fleck on the map between Stockholm and Malmö. Form Us With Love initiated a project that would break new ground for the 60-year-old TRÄULLIT. This is how Hexagon was created, a collection of hexagonal discs in a range of colours.

The process of making wood wool cement is quite simple: wood slivers is cut from logs, then mixed with water and cement and put in a mould to dry into shape. The result is a material that is environmentally friendly, water resistant, moisture and sound absorbant.

Visit the Form Us With Love website – here.