Trial Bay House by Heffernan Button Voss Architects

July 5, 2010

Heffernan Button Voss Architects have completed the Trial Bay House in Tasmania, Australia.


Description from the architects:

The project involved complete reorganisation of an existing dwelling and the addition of a new living room, veranda, courtyard and garage. Located at Trial Bay overlooking the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, the ‘Channel Room’ as it is now called is like an abstraction of a cinematographer’s camera, whereby the apertures have been adjusted to subject, view, and light. The new architecture departs from the existing ‘holes in walls’ masonry character by achieving the duality of being extroverted and open to the landscape, yet being solid, strong and robust. An embedded idea is the creation of a pattern of continuous space and circulation, as a metaphor for the landscape itself.

James Jones – HBV Architects

The house has won the 2010 Robin Boyd Award ( Australian Institute of Architects ).

Visit the website of Heffernan Button Voss Architects – here.

The house was designed by James Jones who has recently joined as design principal.