Tumble Seating by Justin Gologorsky

May 22, 2009

At ICFF 2009, we met Justin Gologorsky, a New Jersey based architect who has been working on the prototypes and organizing the fabrication of the Tumble seating for almost 2 years now, and has finally launched the product at this year’s show.

Justin Gologorsky says:

Tumble playfully suggests to be flipped. Each position yields a different seating experience: flat, curved, inclined, and the amusing rocker. The matte 2.5” thick foam is dense for a comfortable support and contrasts the dancing reflections of the high gloss interior aluminum frame. It is lightweight, durable and versatile. It can be lined-up as bench or scattered in different positions creating a continuously dynamic landscape. Hotel lobbies, gallery spaces, and resort pools are some of the public spaces that tumble can add color and vibrance, but it is also whimsical enough for a child to roll around on at home.

Visit Justin Gologorsky’s website – here.

*sorry about the poor photo quality, our good camera decided to die on us, and we had to use our backup camera instead, which is also dying. 🙁