Tumble Weed by Carmela Bogman

February 19, 2013

Designer Carmela Bogman has created Tumble Weed, a stool made from aluminium strips.


Description from the designer

Finding the right balance in everyday life is difficult. Work is piling up, at home the chores seem to multiply by the hour and leisure time is cluttered by numerous appointments. Designer, Carmela Bogman, started a search for the right balance and designed a physical reaction and an optimistic impulse called Tumble Seed.



Tumble Seed is a stool wondering loosely through space, waiting for you to restore its balance. The shape is based on a flower seed, moving in the wind searching for the right place to grow. The subtle colouring is a reference to the beautiful flower that can grow from it and is an inspiration for a new live and a bright future.



Tumble Seed is scattered around the house or the work floor and can easily be lifted and moved to another place, the round shape provides an active sitting position. Tumble Seed is made out of eight aluminium strips, which are fixed together ingeniously. All parts are made by Dutch companies and the combination of brushed aluminium, modified wood and simple disassembly make it a sustainable design.

Tumble Seed is a design of Carmela Bogman, under the authority of MN/Art Partner.


Designer: Carmela Bogman, under the authority of MN/Art Partner.

Photography: Anouk de Kleermaeker