Twentytwelve Collection by Simone Viola

March 30, 2012

Swiss designer Simone Viola has sent us images of his Twentytwelve Collection.


Description from Simone Viola:

A few days before the opening of Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, the Swiss designer launches his first private collection entitled “twentytwelve collection”, set of attractive shapes furniture, completely handmade, customizable by materials and finishes.

The concept is clear: the intention is to create objects that seems far too perfect but which veils marvellous and unique natural imperfections dictated by the limits of the materials. Viola emphasizes these limitations to create unique and extremely attractive objects.

“This collection is definitely against than the current trends: a world focused on to perfection and technology. But I think in some areas, including modern furniture, crafts must return to be alive. Personally I tried to recall it in a contemporary way through procedures similar to the industrial world.

I am conscious that my desire could be a fantasy in a modern society, anyway “twentytwelve collection” will be the first in a series of collections that have the intent to offer quality products, completely handmade, customizable and a lowest prices as possible.” said the young 27 year old.

Visit Simone Viola’s website – here.