Twisted Lights by Erwin Zwiers

October 13, 2010

Dutch designer Erwin Zwiers has created the Twisted Lights.


Description from Erwin Zwiers:

The inspiration for the ‘Twisted Lights’ comes from the material used, namely bend plywood. This type of plywood is perfect to bend, when it’s properly processed, so the forming capabilities are endless. The flexibility of the material invites to make organic forms. The lamp is built from an initial shape, which is the top of the lamp. Against this top bend plywood is wrapped, so that during the construction of the lamp it will grow step by step. During this process the lamps are created. In advance it can not be determined what form eventually will come out.

This series consists of lamps that are all unique for itself. Each lamp is handmade which makes no lamp the same.  The uniqueness of the ‘Twisted Lights’ is that it’s a combination between an object and an utensil. Through its shape, in all its versatility, it’s an attractive object to watch. However, when the lights go on, the functional nature of the lamp will be revealed which is a beautiful lamp that gives pretty and warm lighting.

Visit Erwin Zwiers’ website – here.