Two Wench Bench by Colin Tiyani Design

September 8, 2013

Seattle-based designer Colin Tiyani has created the Two Wench Bench.



Two Wench Bench is the first object in a series called “Slippery when Wet”. All works are comprised of organic, mostly feminine, machine-made surfaces with no flat faces (well, apart from the feet). Two Wench Bench is available only as a numbered, limited-edition of 12 in the colour, “Plum Crazy”.

The surfaces for this work are all computer modelled using a “master model” technique that ensures that all mating surfaces are perfectly flush and continuous. This data is then used to machine the body of the bench (and the patterns for the cast foundry components) using computer numerically controlled milling machines. All sanding, polishing, and painting is carried out by hand.

All components are designed, cast, machined, and painted in the USA. Two Wench Bench is 100% usable “art furniture”.

Design: Colin Tiyani Design