Ubuntu Restaurant by APPARATUS Architecture

August 26, 2009

APPARATUS Architecture have designed the Ubuntu Restaurant, which occupies a historic 19th century stone building in downtown Napa, California.

The main dining room, bar, and open kitchen occupy the large volume bounded by the original exposed stone walls and timber roof trusses. A second floor mezzanine sits over the enclosed space of the prep kitchen and storage areas.

Materials were chosen for their inherent richness of color and texture, with an eye towards using recycled materials wherever possible. The flooring is a dark mix of salvaged hard woods, the tabletops are reclaimed fir from the Eastman House on the Sacramento River, and the large community table was built with solid slabs of two windfall trees from Occidental, California.

Large custom pendant lights float within the volume of the dining room, while a row of smaller glass fixtures focuses the scale and axis of the central community table.

Photos by Jen Siska