Ugol by Yaroslav Misonzhnikov

April 30, 2013

Saint Petersburg designer Yaroslav Misonzhnikov has designed a table lamp named Ugol.


From the designer

Plain form and performance is combined with unique mode of setting it up on a table, by the way already received a patent. All you need is a table angle and board of a standard thickness. A normal working table    is usually from 1 to 2,5 cm thick. The lamp is putting on the angle and rests inclined by it’s weight, then the angle between lamp and the table depends on the thickness of the table itself. Ugol means “corner” In Russian language. The object is projected for recently founded by the designer himself Saint-Petersburg producer Imenno-design. The lamp will be realized in a limited edition and released in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow boutiques and also on-line in Imenno-design brand shop in the web.

Designer: Yaroslav Misonzhnikov
Photography: Ksenya Malgina