Ukiyo-e by Florent Coirier, Grégory Marion and Laurianne Lopez

October 28, 2010

Three designers, Florent Coirier, Grégory Marion and Laurianne Lopez, created the Ukiyo-e floating garden for the manufacturer Vertilignes.


Description from the designers:

Art of the traditional Japanese print, Ukiyo-e, is read by letting spin its glance because it addresses the senses and the feelings are aroused. It is an art of the suggestion. The word Ukiy ö, in its ancient sense qualifies the reality of a world the only certainty of which is the impermanence.

It is translated in three ways:
“Images of the world floating”
“Images of the world which passes”
“images of the unstable world”

Opposing to the satisfaction of an immediate need, to the cult of the performance, the object about which we dream do not deliver an immediate satisfaction in the same way as the aesthetics of the fleetingness which carries Ukiyo-e.

Give of the importance in the object to what escapes us, to the enigma, to the mystery, to arouse the curiosity seems necessary for a time when most of the goods invade us the most predictable satisfactions. This suspension offers a new way of arresting the vegetable without having an overhanging point of view which dominates the situation. The horizontal device, at the level of eye, does not satisfy the glance and leaves with the plant the secret of its wild deployment.

The technology:
This thikness is permitted thanks a specific soil (vertisol) developped by the society Vertilab. This soil is a mix of an organic and a non organic component, which enhance the time lif of the plant. The time between two watering become longer, and the plant could be more independant.