Unison by Korban/Flaubert

November 25, 2013

Suspended inside King George Central, a tower building in Brisbane, Australia is UNISON, a new sculpture by KORBAN/FLAUBERT.



King George Central is a new tower building in Brisbane’s CBD, completed at the beginning of 2013. King George Central is part of a suite of recent redevelopments in the city centre, including the refurbishment of City Hall, King George Square and the new King George Station.

The new tower flanks and addresses the historic Ann Street Presbysterian Church and creates significant ground level spaces inside and outside for pausing and walking through.

The new suspended sculpture from KORBAN/FLAUBERT aims to draw people to the heart of the site, to create a sculptural place you can walk into and pause in. The sculpture is suspended both inside and outside, with both pieces working together to express a unified zone inside and outside.

Together they create a sculptural canopy; a meeting place to pause and relax in the city.

the ductility and lustre of metal are central to the development of KORBAN/FLAUBERT’s forms.
central to their work is an examination of the tension between instability and equilibrium.
this reveals itself in finished works with a sense of movement.

unison explores fluidity and contained energy.
an animated line in metal traces the outline of a fluid form.
two opposing outlines interweave, creating shifting shapes as people walk by.
two forms, one inside and one outside, expanding and contracting, mapping movement.

The sculpture was formed, welded and polished by Janos Korban and assistant Niall McConnachie in the KORBAN/FLAUBERT workshop in Alexandria, Sydney, Australia. Stainless steel was chosen for its liquid qualities, its capacity to suggest flow and speed. The formed variable angle profile gives it a swooping calligraphic effect.

Material: stainless steel
Dimensions: 8m x 7.5m x 2.7m

Project: King George Central, 145 Ann St, Brisbane, Australia
Developer: Leighton properties
Builder: Thiess
Architect: ML Design
Public Art Curator: Creative Sight
Photography: Sharrin Rees