Verwoben (Interwoven) Shelves by Marco dos Santos Pina

February 10, 2009

Designer Marco dos Santos Pina has sent us his Verwoben (Interwoven) Shelves, that he recently exhibited at the 2009 IMM Cologne show in Germany.

From Marco dos Santos Pina:

The Verwoben (Interwoven) shelf applies the principle of fabric weaving as its central theme. A textile strap is threaded around all shelves, through milled notches in the wood, firmly tying them together. Thus diverse compartments are created which are set up in vertical arrangement and could function as partition. The textile strap is an integral component of the construction, and provides a high degree of stability. It is easy to replace, and the shelf can become a new creation time and again and can be adapted to the room environment with the use of different textiles.

Visit Marco dos Santos Pina’s website – here.

Visit Marco dos Santos Pina’s website – here.