Villa Storingavika by Todd Saunders

February 20, 2009

Architect Todd Saunders, a Canadian who has lived and worked in Norway since 1997, is a busy man these days, but has taken the time to share with us one of his office’s most recent projects, the Villa Storingavika in Bergen, Norway.

From the architect:

The house looks out over the southern fjords and the West coast archipelago. The house is twofold. The top floor is for the parents and the bottom for their two children that are university students. In addition there is a small 35m2 guest studio on the bottom floor. The house is a long thin structure with a balcony extruding 6m out of the house that rests on 3 steel poles. The house is clad in black stained wood with natural wood between the window partitions.

Visit the Saunders Architecture website – here.

Visit the Saunders Architecture website – here.