Virgin Upper Class Lounge at JFK by Slade Architecture

July 30, 2012

Slade Architecture have completed their design of the Virgin Upper Class lounge at JFK Airport in New York.



Description from Slade Architecture

The lounge was designed to provide the relaxed luxury that Virgin’s Upper Class passengers expect with a warm and distinctly Uptown Manhattan feel.

The 10,000sf Clubhouse is bounded on two sides full height expansive views over the jetways and virgin aircraft immediately below. In the center of the lounge, the cloud shaped cocktail bar  is enclosed by a diaphanous, curving “wall” of stainless steel rods  and walnut fins; mediating views from and through the space and creating a series of distinct spaces. This is the heart of the lounge around and through which guests move in a rhythmic syncopated flow to the many unique amenities that passengers have come to expect from a Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse.

Design: Slade Architecture

Photography: Anton Stark