Visual Permeability Pavilion

June 14, 2011


The purpose of this pavilion is to provide multiple spaces for relaxation, contemplation, and social interaction. The two spaces within the project are broken apart, providing one space for two people to relax in a more private setting, and one space for four people to have a conversation or drink. The angling of the wooden slats was designed to maximize this separation for the private zone, and minimize it for the public zone; thus creating a gradient of visual permeability. The form was derived from one continuous strip that wraps around itself, while touching the ground in minimal locations. The density of the slats is based on three density types: The densest zones are designated for walking and sitting, the medium zones are designated as backrest locations, and the lightest zones are meant for shading. This pavilion will act as a beacon to entice a passerby to come over, sit, and relax.

Project Dimensions: Approx. 15.5′ Long X 7.58′ Wide X 6.83′ Tall

Group Members: Luis Alarcon | Aaron Berman | Michael Georgopoulos | Eun Ki Kang | Dayeon Kim | Nicole Kotsis | Jeeun Grace Lee | Aaron Mark | Hylee Oh | Steven Sanchez

Aaron @ [email protected]
Steve @ [email protected]



Etsy – ONEandMANY
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