Will the suburbs go contemporary?

June 3, 2008

The past few decades have produced some rather disappointing suburban house designs generally dominated by a choice of either dull or fake architecture. This past decade may have even been the worst of all with the surge of mass produced McMansions along with their ridiculous selection of fake architecture in styles such as Tudorbethan, French Chateau, or some nonsensical variety of Mediterranean Revival. Without a doubt, North American suburbs have been the world’s worst offenders, but I’ve seen it all over the world, and it’s a sad legacy indeed. However, in recent years I’ve noticed a change. I’ve been seeing more and more contemporary designs sprouting up. I’ve been seeing builders of mass produced homes choosing to go contemporary. I’m not exactly sure what has caused this change, but I like where it’s going and I’m happy whenever I see companies that produce these homes offering contemporary styles. One of those companies I’ve stumbled upon is Cosmopolitan, an Australian property developer since 1963. Pictured below are two of their home designs they offer which allow Australians to bring a little contemporary design to the suburbs.

The Scarborough

The Republica