WireShade by Marc Trotereau

London-based designer Marc Trotereau has created the WireShade lighting.


Description by the designer:

The wireshade project is an interpretation of the making and the use of the lampshade.

The traditional making of a lampshade is a flexible and relatively easy process based on brazing metal rods.

Marc Trotereau decided to adapt this way of making by creating a jig, which gives the possibility to braze three metal rods together at the same time. This set up enable the production of three-dimensional cubical shapes.

The structure is painted or powder coated and then covered with corrugated plastic also known as ‘Correx’. This material is flame retardant and antistatic. The morphology of the correx gives the possibility to clip it to the metal structure.

Marc Trotereau developed a flexible process to create shells that can be use as lampshades for every type of wall, ceiling, and corners…

The lampshade becomes a sculptural and unique object, which can adapt its shape to any type of space.

Visit Marc Trotereau’s website – here.



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