Wishbone Rocking Chair by Toby Howes

November 9, 2009

British furniture designer Toby Howes has created the Wishbone rocking chair.

Full description after the photos….

Description of the Wishbone Rocking Chair by Toby Howes:

I like to use different materials when designing new pieces, to give me an alternate view on shapes & textures, & this one started life as a couple of pipecleaners! It’s all about the lines &, from the side, you can see every curve mirrors the others to give an unusual silhouette for a rocking chair. Originally, it was constructed completely out of maple but, by adding the walnut into the supporting curves, the two-tone now draws the eye through the chair’s lines.

The shorter than usual rockers mean it doesn’t take up as much floor space & the design can be ‘au naturel’ or upholstered to your taste. Although the design is contemporary, the woods used can be changed to fit in with a more traditionally furnished home as well &, I’m told, the wishbone is especially comfortable for nursing mothers.

Dimensions 900mm high 550mm wide and 1100mm long
Materials: Maple and Walnut