Yacht House by Robin Monotti Architects

October 26, 2013

Robin Monotti Architects have designed the Yacht House in Crimea, Ukraine.



The ancillary accommodation above the Yacht storage space has full width bi-folding doors to allow an uninterrupted wide view of the horizon over the sea and to allow the interior living spaces to feel like shaded outdoor spaces. Accommodation units benefit from private balconies and terraces which are all offset from each other to allow for privacy and varied views. A rooftop terrace allows 360 degree views of both the sea and the mountains behind, which rise more than 1000 metres above sea level. Glass railings all round allow full height sea views.

The building is accessed via the gated Foros Shore Resort (Forosky Bereg Pensionat) which is property of the Donetsk Steel group and used exclusively for the holidays of the company’s employees. Yacht House is intended to cater to the luxury end of the general holiday market and to transmit the feeling of living in a Yacht, or being on a cruise on an Ocean liner.

Architect: Robin Monotti Architects
Photography: Ioana Marinescu