Youth Republic Office Interior by KONTRA

April 13, 2012

Turkish design studio KONTRA have designed the Youth Republic office interior in Istanbul.


Description from the designers:

From an old atelier building to a Youth Republic… This 1300m2 of ancient space is now a contemporary loft for a youth agency with nine departments. Situated right in the middle of the trade center of Istanbul, this visual transformation was authored by KONTRA, one of the most pretigious interior architecture firms based in Istanbul.

The entrance welcomes guests with a 6m high ceiling and gray rusty metal plates. On them, the philosophy of the company is laid out. This mature masculine appearance emphasises the strength of the young team inside.

Inside, the lively and colorful space screams the inspiration for the young team: “Stay Young!” This is an ideal environment to encourage creativity, concentration and relaxation.

The first thing that draws attention, is the nuclear reactor shaped meeting point right in the middle of the open office. It includes a heritage table – a witness of the creative mind of this young agency since its foundation. This space is the heart of the Youth Republic and is ussed for brainstorming.

The entire space is designed as an open office. It makes you feel the spirit of a university campus with its colorful lockers. Here, employees will be able to store their goods.

Furthermore there are urgent meeting points where the team will be able to jot down their ideas on blackboards.

Using raw material reflects the company’s work principle and young team. The agency itself transforms abstract ideas into concrete ones. The OSB, which is mainly used on the walls, doors and libraries, proves how a simple material can stand classy, cool and dynamic after a small touch. As the container walls create an industrial atmosphere, it’s the graffiti on them that actually gives the street spirit.

The tangarine trees between the tables in the open office provide fresh air for the employees as well as creativing a refreshing atmosphere. The colorful libraries with dynamically formed shelves scattered all around the office provide for continuous thinking and creativity.

The canteen is the point of discharge for the employees during a busy day of brainstorming. Fun images on the walls and colorful flourescent lights on the ceiling maintain the young energy of the office. The yellow striped walls are calling on the employees to “take a break”. The same raw materials are used here as well; OSB walls and 40x40mm metal profile table legs.

You can trace signs of creativity in the bathrooms as well. The images on the walls reflect the dreams of both genders.

This young team has 4 young managers whose rooms are positioned side by side on the mezzanine that dominate the open office.

Almost all parts; meeting rooms, training room, even managers’ rooms are designed as a semi-open space. The glass seperation units with graphics support the energy circulation between the managers and the team.

Visit the KONTRA website – here.