Jet Is A Thin, Modern, Minimalist Shelf

Jet, a thin, modern, minimalist shelf designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen, is a wall storage solution that combines horizontal and vertical lines to create a simple yet sturdy shelf with an industrial look that can be used to store and display objects of all sorts.

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The Design Of These Planters Was Inspired By High Voltage Ceramic Insulators

Chen Chen and Kai Williams have created a line of modern, white stacked porcelain planters that are inspired by the ceramic insulators that cover high-voltage power lines. The Power Planters have a pot and the drainage saucer that are both the same size, creating the look of stacked rings.

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Luminaire – March 2017 – Jaan

The Letto dayBed Is A Modern Dog Bed With Plenty Of Style

Designer Gerd Couckhuy has created the Letto dayBed, a stylish and modern dog bed made with an aluminum frame, light wood legs and a soft comfortable pillow.

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Brian Giniewski Ceramics Has Created A Collection Of Rainbow Drip Vessels

Made from earthenware clay and glazed with a drip finish, these modern and colorful ceramic home decor items can be used as vases, cups and bowls (they are food and drink safe), or even as a planter for your favorite cactus or succulent.

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These Planters Are Designed To Have Their Own Light Source

Design studio Goula / Figuera, have created a collection of matte black planters called Viride (the Latin word for green), that include artificial lights (and one with a mister) as part of their design.

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The Design Of These Oversized Cushions Was Inspired By Knots Tied By Sailors

The design of this fun emerald green knot pillow was inspired by knots tied by sailors and the nautical lifestyle in general.

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