This Apartment Bedroom Has A Bed Attached To A Bathtub And Two Sinks

Possibly the most unusual combination of home furnishings, can be found in the bedroom of an apartment in Luxembourg, designed by Metaform Architects. In this bedroom, there is a bed attached to a bathtub and two sinks. In case that is not surprising enough, there also appears to be a toilet and shower in full view, contained within a glass enclosure next to the previously mentioned bed/bath/sink combo.


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This Table Has Super Thin Drawers That You Wouldn’t Even Know Are There

Designer Ineke Hans has created the Drawer Table, which features hidden storage,  for manufacturer Arco.


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This Huge Rug Has No Definable Shape

WOW Architects/Warner Wong Design included this very large custom designed rug in the lobby of the Vivanta Hotel in Bangalore, India.

Unlike typical rugs, this one is not a square, rectangle or circle……maybe it’s an amoeba?


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Nikita Bukoros designs a new bar stool inspired by Japanese culture

Nikita Bukoros, of the Ukrainian design bureau ODESD2, has designed the E1 bar stool. Made of steel and wood, the bar stool is inspired by Nikita’s admiration for a variety of Japanese cultural arts, such as calligraphy, tea drinking, bonsai, and the art of making weapons.


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LO-LO is a microkitchen with personality

Designers Tanya Repina and Misha Repin have created LO-LO, a capsular microkitchen.


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24° Studio designs a cloud-like collection of lighting

Design firm 24° Studio have created Airy, a collection of lamps that are made using Japanese rice paper.


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