Bedroom Design Ideas – Create An Ombre Wall For A Colorful Accent Wall

Bedroom Design Ideas - The designers of this apartment used an ombre wallpaper in the bedroom to create an accent wall that's stylish and less overpowering than a full blue wall.

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Bedroom Decor Ideas And Inspiration – Use Teal And White For A Bright Bedroom

Bedroom Decor Ideas And Inspiration - This apartment bedroom designed by Yamagata Architecture uses just two main colors, teal and white, to create a bright, fun and colorful bedroom

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Luminaire – February 2017 – Cubik

10 Unique Coffee Shop Designs In Asia

10 Unique Coffee Shops In Asia

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Opening up fireplace design possibilities with Ortal’s Cool Wall Technology

Opening up fireplace design possibilities with Ortal's Cool Wall Technology

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Wall Decor Ideas – Make contemporary wall art from a collage of random items

What do a rocket, a pair of binoculars, a beer bottle, and a plastic heart all have in common? Not a lot, but if you paint them all the same color and carefully arrange them with other random objects, you can create a unique, contemporary matte black piece of wall art.

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This restaurant design was inspired by cracked eggs

This modern dessert restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, has an angular facade, much like a cracked egg shell.

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