Is That A Fire In The Kitchen?

We featured this apartment the other day, and just noticed that there’s an open wood-burning fireplace at the end of the countertop in this kitchen. That’s something you don’t see every day, especially in an apartment. It’s like having a campfire in your kitchen, which feels a bit dangerous, but on the plus side, it would give you a good reason to be eating roasted marshmallows all the time.

Open Wood-Burning Fireplace In A Kitchen

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This Is A Thing – Bathroom Tiles That Look Like A Giraffe

If you’re like us, you probably didn’t know this was a thing, but now you do. The bathroom tiles in this home by De Bever Architects, make the room look like a giraffe.

So the next time you’re thinking of what tile you could cover your walls with, forget the tiles that look like monkeys or hippos, because we all know the only correct choice from now on are the giraffe tiles.

Giraffe Tiles

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Design Detail – Creative Kids Room Shelving

The children’s room in this home by MPR Design Group, includes a wall of fun creative custom shelves, that have a variety of sizes and shapes for storing toys and books, or crawling inside and hiding from the parents.

Custom kids room shelves

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Two Spaces In A Building Transformed Into One Multi-Level Apartment

Haptic Architects have transformed two spaces in a 19th century apartment building in Oslo, Norway, into one multiple level loft apartment.

Idunsgate Loft Apartment by Haptic Architects

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This Living Room Is Hot On Pinterest Today

People are enjoying this photo on Pinterest today.

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Contemporary Living Room

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A Home That Maintains Visual Connections To Its Surrounding Environment

WOW Architects/Warner Wong Design have completed the Chiltern House in Singapore.

Chiltern House By WOW Architects/Warner Wong Design

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