Cute Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Modern Girls

Here's a collection of cute bedroom decorating ideas perfect for a girl or tween, that include chalkboard walls, wall art and comfortable furniture.

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10 World Map Designs To Decorate A Plain Wall

Whether you use it to teach your kids about world, track your travels, or just as wall art, a world map is a great way to fill an empty walls. To help you find the perfect one for your home we've compiled a list of 10 world maps that would look great on any modern wall.

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Luminaire – March 2017 – Grek

5 Things That Are HOT On Pinterest This Week

Here's a look at a few interior design, architecture and product design projects that are getting a lot of attention on our Pinterest boards this week.

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These 10 Homes And Offices Have Suspended Nets To Hang Out In

Here are 10 examples of suspended nets in both homes and offices that make living and working more comfortable and much more interesting.

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These Planters Are Designed To Have Their Own Light Source

Design studio Goula / Figuera, have created a collection of matte black planters called Viride (the Latin word for green), that include artificial lights (and one with a mister) as part of their design.

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11 Creative Stair Railings That Are A Focal Point In These Modern Houses

Here are 11 examples of creative safety railings on stairs that show how railings don't have to be boring and can be the focal point in a house.

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