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Peters Flat by Mili Mlodzi Ludzie

Mili Mlodzi Ludzie has designed an apartment in Lazarz, Poland, for a client who loves minimalism.


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Lincoln Park Modern Home by Joseph Trojanowski

Architect Joseph Trojanowski has designed the Lincoln Park Modern Home, located in Chicago.


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Pietro by Matteo Ugolini for Karman

Matteo Ugolini has designed the Pietro Collection, a suspension and floor lamp made from white ceramic for Italian lighting manufacturer Karman.


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FG Residence by Reinach Mendonça Architects

Reinach Mendonça Architects designed the FG Residence for a family in Araraquara, Brazil.


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Lampyridae Lamps by Monica Correia

Monica Correia Design Studio will launch three lamps from the Lampyridae collection in Milan next week at EDIT by Designjunction.


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The Jarson Residence by Will Bruder + Partners

Will Bruder + Partners designed the Jarson Residence in Paradise Valley, Arizona.


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Mush Lamp by Garay Studio

Claudia Garay has designed a cordless table light called the Mush Lamp.


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House Duk by Nico van der Meulen Architects

Nico van der Meulen Architects have designed House Duk, located in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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Villa Kavel 1 by Studioninedots

Studioninedots have designed a home on an island near Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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Dharma by Edmondo Testaguzza for Karman

Edmondo Testaguzza has designed Dharma, a suspension lamp made from concrete for Italian lighting manufacturer Karman.


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Armada House by KB Design

Keith Baker designed the Armada House, located in Victoria, BC, Canada.


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Settenani Collection by Matteo Ugolini for Karman

Matteo Ugolini has designed the Settenani Collection, a group of seven indoor and outdoor lights made from concrete for Italian lighting manufacturer Karman.


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The Tea House by Archi-Union Architects

Archi-Union Architects designed the Tea House in the backyard of their office in Shanghai, China.


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Villa Yarze by Raëd Abillama Architects

Raëd Abillama Architects designed Villa Yarze, located in Lebanon.


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The Citriodora House by Seeley Architects

Seeley Architects designed the Citriodora House in the town of Anglesea, Australia.


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