3 Whimsical Rugs From Permafrost Studio

July 21, 2014

Permafrost Studio have designed three whimsical rugs, each with their own story.


Giant Leap
40 years after man made his first impressions on the dusty lunar surface, we release the Giant Leap rug through our Stories by Permafrost collection. We would like to think of it as a tiny tribute to an enormous achievement.


The JD rug offers a snapshot of life in rural Scandinavia. Heavy machinery has long since replaced the labor of farm animals, leaving its trademark tracks in the grass and mud. On the outskirts of civilization, reading such tracks is a vital skill.


Bear Hug
The Bear Hug set of rugs is a tessellation, meaning that the identical shapes fit together gaplessly. New bears can be added in every direction, covering an entire floor if needed.

Design: Permafrost Studio