5 Sculptures Representing Different Regions Of The World

May 10, 2015

Architect Jose Angel Cicero, the creative director of Santander World, has sent us photos of five sculptures that have been installed in the city of Santander, Spain.

Each of the five chosen artists were given a large blank steel form, which they used to create their representation of the 5 regions of the world.

EUROPA by Emeric minayaSantander World Sculptures

AMERICA by Sandra SuárezSantander World Sculptures

ASIA by Maria CentenoSantander World Sculptures

OCEANIA by Tomás HoyaSantander World Sculptures

AFRICA by Jose Luis OchoaSantander World Sculptures

About the project

The spirit of this project was to involve the city of Santander with artwork to celebrate a sporting competition on a global scale, in the same way as other projects, such as the cow parade.

Unique Properties and Project Description
The project consisted in the union of five sculptures measuring 3.6 meters in height and with a base of 2, 5 m radius. Its theme is to represent peace, solidarity and goodwill among people of the world and shows Santander as an open city that welcomes everyone with open arms, regardless of race, sex, origin or condition. To symbolize the concepts described above, the artists have worked freely without conditions, to ensure the free and unique expression of their work.

Production / Realization Technology
The sculptures are made of steel sheet 3mm thick, protected by 2 coats of polyuretane paint and 1 coat of epoxy anti-humidity paint. This is considered an optimal solution for the protection of steel sculptures in adverse weather conditions. The inner assembly is sized to withstand wind currents in extreme conditions.

Photography of finished sculptures by Nuri Garre