9 Interiors That Have A Whole Lot Of Yellow

May 23, 2015

1. This meeting room inside an office in Thailand, designed by Apostrophy’s.

Interior Design Featuring Yellow

Photography by Ketsiree Wongwan

2. The floors of Beatrix College Tilburg in The Netherlands by Architecten|en|en

Interior Design Featuring Yellow Photography by BASEPHOTOGRAPHY

3. A room at this school in Amsterdam by atelier PRO architekten

Interior Design Featuring Yellow Photography by Dirk Verwoerd

4. The UKTV Office in London by Penson

Interior Design Featuring Yellow

5. This room in an office in California by Garcia Tamjidi Architecture

Interior Design Featuring Yellow Photography by Joe Fletcher

6. This bathroom inside a house in Mexico City by PAUL CREMOUX studio

Yellow Bathroom

Photography by PCW

7. This kitchen with yellow counters, in a house in Perth by KTC Design

Yellow kitchen counter top

8. This hallway in an apartment building in Prague by Schindler Seko

Yellow Hallway

9. Yellow tiles are used on the wall and floor in this bathroom in a home by Reader & Swartz Architects

Yellow tiles on the floor and wall of this bathroom