96 Golden Beach Drive by SDH Studio

October 2, 2014

SDH Studio designed a contemporary family home in Golden Beach, Florida.









Project description

Located on a 13,000 square foot lot in Golden Beach Florida this house was designed around a 27 foot high space that would be the heart of this home. With the idea of bringing in the outdoor landscape, the house opens up towards the water and fills the triple height space with natural light and green.

With a Minimalist/Zen approach every space was carefully designed to accommodate a family with three children. The owners wanted a house where their children could grow close to one another appreciating the beauties of nature and outdoor areas. With space as the essence of the design, the house is designed to feel as a whole, where the many different areas talk to each other and are integrated. The triple height space where the living room, dining room and central staircase are located unites the many different areas of the house.

Simple lines and noble materials shape the palette for both the home’s exteriors and interiors. Every corner is bathed in natural light creating a warm and calm environment. The house reinforces one of the basic philosophies of sdh studio which emphasizes the value of environmentally sustainable design.

Architect: SDH Studio Architecture | Design
Principal: Stephanie Halfen

Photography by Robin Hill