A Compact Integrated Apartment By Angélica Araújo

February 4, 2015

Brazilian architect Angélica Araújo designed Apartment 22 as part of the Casa Cor Minas 2014 Exhibition.


Description from the designer

The projects concept is create a space that could be used in relaxing moments,
when one wants to enjoy the natural landscape and a wonderful hotel structure.


It is paramount for the project the comfort appreciation, using cutting-edge technology, through automation equipment, differentiated lighting , blinds and special glass. The inspiration came from nature, such as ore and stones, and also of art and local culture.


The projects colors take references on the ore as opposed to the green of the lush nature. The floor and the coatings have textures that remind the natural stones, with a mix of colors.


Special glass that alternates opacity separates the bedroom and the bathroom/closet area, suggesting greater range to the project as a whole; The glass that becomes opaque at the touch and provides privacy to the user. The eco-leather that coats the floor of the bedroom and the living room, ensures comfort and practicality.


In the bathroom, the countertop was made in Dekton (Cosentino) and the floor covering and walls, Infinity Stone (Terra Tile). The Home System executed by Oficina de Design presents details in lac and wood and ensures practicability. The Artwork was chosen with intent to give some color to the place. Great artists from Minas Gerais State, such as Marta Neves, Beth Jobim, Solange Pessoa and Amilcar de Castro. All the Artworks are part of a private collection of Manoel Macedo Art Gallery.



Finally, the lighting project gives a final touch to the project as a whole, ensuring unusual and great effects.

Design: Angélica Araújo
Photography by Daniel Mansur and Jomar Braganca