Æsh & Tweed by Georg Œhler Design

April 23, 2014

Georg Œhler has designed the Æsh & Tweed collection that includes an armchair, footstool and coffee table.







Æsh & Tweed brings together ash wood and Scottish tweed fabric. The creations are handcrafted in a small town remotely located in the heart of the Austrian Alps.

The frame of the armchair makes a feature of the ash wood’s beautiful grain and boasts refined joinery details. The square tufting of the tweed upholstery is repeated in the three-dimensional pattern carved into the sides of the coffee table, which hides a handy storage space.

Georg Œhler’s work is highly detail-oriented, from the wooden joints to the seams of the upholstery. The craft work is accomplished by master cabinet workers and upholsterers who represent the best in high-quality Austrian craftsmanship.

Tweed from the Scottish isle of Bute is a traditional woollen fabric that is made using a certified ecological production process and is renowned for its longevity and durability.

Ash wood has a long history in furniture making due to its beauty and the fact that is one of the toughest hardwoods.

The native British ash tree often dominates woodlands, but is currently endangered by ash dieback, a disease that has swept through Europe. To help stem its spread in the UK, Georg Œhler Design supports the British Woodland Trust, which is doing important work to fight the disease.

The remote Alpine location where the pieces are manufactured is also where Georg Œhler grew up. His inspiration is still nurtured by the impressive landscapes of a childhood surrounded by vast mountain panoramas, beautiful nature, and wild and rough winters.

Georg Œhler says that for him: “True luxury can be found in the beauty of natural material and the knowledge of where and how things are manufactured. My aim is to mix sustainability and luxury. But it’s essential to work on form and style at the same time – from the overall shape to the smallest detail. Design realness emerges when every aspect of a creation falls into place – material, story and form work together to create a unique piece of furniture.”

Georg Œhler will present his Æsh & Tweed furniture collection at London‘s acclaimed Clerkenwell Design Week 2014, May 20-22.

Design: Georg Œhler Design

Photography by Justin Barton