These Whimsical Lights Come Alive When They’re On

November 17, 2016

When you turn these peacock and deer head wall lights on, additional details reveal themselves.


Designer Chen Bikovski of Popup Lighting, has created a collection of lamps inspired by children’s pop-up books.


Antlers appear when you turn on this modern deer head wall lamp.

Wanting to create a permanent light fixture that would ‘bring a magical ambiance to any space’, she currently has two designs, a deer head and a peacock, that when turned on they light up to reveal the plumage of a peacock or the antlers of a deer, much like when you get an unexpected surprise when you turn a page in a pop-up book and the story comes to life.

Peacock plumage appears when you turn this wall light on.

Each lamp is made from either aluminum or cardboard with an LED light fixture.

Antlers appear when you turn this deer head lamp on.

Peacock tail feathers appear when you turn this wall light on.