This Apartment Hides The Kitchen Behind Sliding Panel Doors

September 16, 2020
A kitchen is hidden from the dining room by sliding white panel doors.

P|S Arquitetos has recently completed an apartment in Portugal, where one of the key interior design features is a kitchen that can be hidden from view when dining.

Floor-to-ceiling white panels doors in the dining room can be slid open to reveal the full-size kitchen.

Sliding white panels doors hide the kitchen from the dining room.

The panels, which can be partially opened, help to create separation between the spaces, hiding the kitchen from view when guests are dining, allowing for a formal dining experience.

When the door panels are fully opened, the apartment now has an open floor plan with a more casual atmosphere.

Sliding panel doors can either hide from or open the kitchen to the dining room.
Photography © Ricardo Oliveira Alves | Architecture: P|S Arquitetos – Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos (Team: Linda Mattoli) | Interiors: Pascali Semerdjian | Lighting: Osvaldo Mattos | Luminotécnico : Pascali Semerdjian Architects | Support and Production : Ternullo Mello Architects