Armada High Armchair by Zoran Jedrejcic for Hookl und Stool

May 5, 2014

Zoran Jedrejcic has designed the Armada High Armchair for manufacturer Hookl und Stool.







Armada High Armchair is defined by its forceful design and exceptional lightness, accomplished by combining the tiniest materials, making this piece of furniture almost sculpture appearance.

With its highly developed static, the constructive part of the seater is made of steel, with various finishing as polished, chromed, brass or burnished steel, which emphasizes the elegancy and sharpness this vigorous design has. The seater consists of the construction made of thin steel and covering made of high quality leather or fur. Unique magnet system connects different type of pillows and other gadgets with the seater part.

Armada high armchair is made of different type of solid wood, like elm, walnut, cherry and pear. On request, it could be tailor made, respecting client’s measures and special needs.

Design: Zoran Jedrejcic
Manufacturer: Hookl und Stool