B-oK by Marica Vizzuso

January 13, 2014

Marica Vizzuso has designed B-oK, a furniture piece that serves as a bookcase and a room divider.






Description from the designer

B- oK is summary of intellectual process which uses a game of contrasts.

B- oK is the dichotomy full/empty where the hardness’s and stability’s material like a iron, is interspersed with no-material, that make visual lightness. This structural’s manufacture creates an elegant contrast of lights e shadows in background.

B- oK is also action/static which reveal its versatility. It is also possible to interact with it, as it changes sharpe from a tower to a zig zag,becoming a room divider.

All contrasts are simplified in a metallic parallelepiped, where is possible to insert books with ordered eccentricity and it can be also adapt to space’s needs.

Design: Marica Vizzuso