Bild Architects Design A Contemporary Extension For This Home In Melbourne

February 18, 2015

Bild Architects designed the renovation and extension of the Blurred House, an original 1930s bungalow in Melbourne, Australia.


The architect’s description

The first in a series of studies into the adaptation of vernacular Australian suburban typologies, ‘Blurred House’ is a major renovation and extension to an original 1930’s Californian bungalow in Melbourne’s inner-north.


Reacting to the established convention of jarring juxtaposition of existing ‘old’ and introduced ‘new’ architectural elements ; the ‘Blurred House’ offers an alternative proposition; that of a blurring between ‘old’ and ‘new’ to produce a hybrid. Gradually transitioning from the vernacular to the contemporary, the division of architectural elements are deliberately ambiguous, producing a unique formal and visual language.





Architect: Bild Architects
Photography by TM Photo